MemoryDown Pillow

Fall in love with sleep again!
MemoryDown - memory foam and down enclosed pillow
  • MemoryDown - memory foam and down enclosed pillow
  • MemoryDown - memory foam and down enclosed pillow
  • Support of Advanced Memory Foam
  • Luxurious Comfort of Down
  • Dual-Sided Construction
  • 100% Cotton, Hypoallergenic Cover
  • Available exclusively at

Fall in love with the beautiful union of our unique Advanced Memory Foam and the luxurious comfort of down in our MemoryDown Pillow. Made in the USA, the MemoryDown Pillow features an advanced hybrid design of foam and down, and it's only available for purchase from i love my pillow ! With our most advanced pillow you really do get the best of both worlds: a layer of Advanced Memory Foam and a layer of down, with dual-sided construction. The Advanced Memory Foam formula conforms faster with less heat retention, and is molded (not cut) for consistency and durability that helps relieve pressure from the neck and shoulders. The machine washable 100% cotton, hypoallergenic cover promotes a cozy sleep while allowing your pillow to breathe. 

Advanced Memory Foam

Our specially formulated Advanced Memory Foam is softer and more supple than any other memory foam on the market, while also incorporating cutting-edge distributive heat technology. This means the unique properties of our Advanced Memory Foam allow your pillow to deliver cool, uncompromising comfort that doesn't sacrifice support. While it maintains the same supportive properties of traditional memory foam pillows, less heat is trapped inside and the cool comfort is unmatched.

Dual-Sided Construction

The MemoryDown Pillow's dual-sided feature provides an ergonomically designed, stress relief 'scoop' or contour on one side, specially engineered to support your back and neck. On the other side, the pillow delivers a traditional shape that looks great on your bed. Combined with our Advanced Memory Foam, this dual-sided feature delivers the best aspects of chiropractic pillows and standard pillows. There is no other pillow like it in the world. You'll be in love at first sleep!

100% Cotton, Hypoallergenic Cover

Our washable, hypoallergenic, and stain resistant cotton cover protects your pillow and keeps you cozy.